Adding value to the future publishing industry

  • Medialounge® is a European marketplace for fully licensed content from world-leading publications and thought leaders

  • We founded Medialounge in 2013 with one mission: to support quality journalism and thought leadership. With a deep respect for journalism as a profession and a realization that quality content is now more important than ever, Medialounge generates new revenue streams and distribution channels for the future media industry.medialounge-front1
  • As brands look for new, more efficient ways to reach their audience, publishing becomes the new marketing. Their biggest challenge is to produce enough relevant content to engage the customer throughout their journey. Medialounge enables brands to scale and add relevance to their content marketing through legal rights to publish quality content from world-leading publications and thought leaders. Medialounge empowers brands, as they become players in the new publishing industry.

Insights and News

  • Vi søker redaksjonsansvarlig

    Vi søker redaksjonsansvarlig

    Til å håndtere en stadig økende kundeportefølje, søker vi en operativ redaksjonsansvarlig til å betjene kunder med presisjon, integritet og lidenskap.
  • Derfor er det smart med lisensiert innhold

    Derfor er det smart med lisensiert innhold

    Med smart bruk av kvalitetsinnhold fra andre kilder, kan merkevarepublisister skalere opp innholdssatsingene sine på en svært kostnadseffektiv måte.
  • Vi lanserer Contentlounge for merkevarepublisister

    Vi lanserer Contentlounge for merkevarepublisister

    Vi lanserer Contentlounge® for merkevarepublisister og er verdens enkleste tjeneste for gjenbruk av opphavsrettslig beskyttet kvalitetsinnhold.


Simplify and scale your content marketing with legal rights to publish content from more than 1500 world-leading publishers.
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Medialounge is building a highly competent Nordic team of experienced media and technology professionals based in Oslo and Stockholm. If you share our passion for the media industry and have a track record of discovering opportunities beyond the imagination of others, we would like to talk to you.